Phoenix Technologies & Materials BoothSaver™ product portfolio helps improve the automotive OEM Paint Shop¡¯s productivity by offering application-oriented technologies that reduce paint defects. The programs do this by shifting the processes from a ¡°contaminate and clean¡± mentality, to one of Prevention and Productivity.

A typical paint operation generates >2000kg of paint overspray each day. If that waste stream is not constantly controlled, it leads directly to dirt seed contamination and reduced paint quality. The majority of dirt seed sources can be traced back directly to this issue

The leading contributors are:
Carriers, Jigs, & Fixtures
Oven Dirt
Booth dirt from walls & grating
Robot & Paint line knock ¨Coff
Cross contamination / migration
External sources

IsoBooth™ products target each of these sources, and offer innovative, cost-effective solutions that improve paint quality.

Easy to understand. Easy to use. Easy to measure.



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